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This page is about but it's also about myself.


is a little side project of mine, through which I like to teach others the ins and outs of web development. I myself use this little project to learn stuff too, so it's a win-win situation for both me and my readers.

Me section

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I am a self taught web developer. Self taught maybe is a bit too much because while I indeed have taught myself to code, I did not do so alone, but with the help of many useful and cool things such as tutorials, courses, documentation (our cryptic but insightful friend) and the last but not least blog posts from many cool blogs such as .

I specialise in JavaScript since this is the first language I ever learned (both front and back-end wise), however, I do have experience with PHP and other languages such as Python or Rust. I love to build web apps but not only that, I dabbled a bit into game or mobile development and I love to try my hand at design sometimes too.