CodePill | Topics


We can't just randomly discuss stuff, now can we? Here are the core topics we'll cover initially (I might extend this list in the future so we can expand our knowledge).

JavaScript, because it is the core language of web development, no matter what back-end you use, you will interact with it.

Being awesome as it is, JavaScript can also do back-end code, here's where nodeJS comes into play, and it's awesome.

No language ecosystem is complete without a package manager, here we'll learn to use some cool NPM dependencies.


There are a bunch of things we'll learn in order to code well, a powerful OS (like a Linux distribution), a good code editor, a good versioning system and many others..

Ubuntu is the distro that I use, but I will teach you some core-linux stuff that you can use on any other distribution. Even with a windows background you can (and should) still learn Linux.

You need a good code editor in order to work on your projects. VS code is powerful and configurable, that's what makes it one of my favourites. It has many built in features and a huge plug-in ecosystem.

No code is safe without a good versioning system, and we will get to explore git, a versioning system which makes it easier to remember stuff, change stuff, undo bad stuff that you do...